beginner cross stitch supplies

Embroidery Floss

The most common type of thread used for cross stitch is 6 strand embroidery floss. All of the Stranded Stitch patterns include DMC brand color charts, the number on the pattern corresponds to a specific DMC color. You can find DMC brand floss at most large craft stores and some independent needlework shops.

This floss is made up of 6 strands of thread. You must separate the floss into the individual threads before you start stitching!

First cut a length of floss, then separate out the number of individual threads you need.

The number of strands you should use depends on the count of your fabric. For 14 count aida cloth I recommend using 2 strands at a time.

Aida Cloth

Aida cloth is made specifically for cross stitching and is great for beginners! It's a stiff fabric with evenly spaced holes that make a grid. These holes are where you’ll place the corners of your cross stitches. You shouldn’t have to make any new holes in the aida cloth when you are only using cross stitches.

Aida cloth comes in different counts, which is the number of stitches per inch. A larger count means smaller stitches! 14 count aida cloth is the most common size, meaning there are 14 stitches per inch.

When cutting a piece of aida cloth for your project, make sure you take into account the extra fabric you'll need for framing it. Cut a piece that is at least 2 inches wider and 2 inches longer than the frame or hoop you are planning on finishing it in. There's nothing worse than realizing your fabric is too small after you're halfway done with a project!

Tapestry Needle

Tapestry needles are perfect for cross stitching because they have blunt-ends and large eyes. The blunt end helps to make sure your needle only goes in the pre-made holes in the aida cloth. The large eye is big enough to hold multiple strands of embroidery floss, which is thicker than sewing thread.

The size of your needle depends on the number of threads you use and the count of your fabric. I suggest using a size 26 needles for 2 strands of thread and size 24 needles for 3 strands of thread.

If you find that your needles keep bending or breaking at the eye, try going up a size (which means a smaller number!).


An embroidery hoop helps keep you fabric taut while you stitch. They come in wood or plastic. I prefer wood because they are lighter weight, however you may prefer plastic as they last longer.


You don’t really need a special pair of embroidery scissors to cross stitch, but they are so little and cute and sharp, it’s hard to resist!


This is the design you are going to stitch! You can find lots of beginner patterns right here


Now that you have everything you need, check out how to cross stitch here.