Wholesale Kit Bundle

Wholesale Kit Bundle

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My Faire store is open again! You can also email me an order directly if you prefer.

Thanks for bearing with me the last few months!

Bundles now come in two sizes:

4 case packs (16 kits) or 6 case packs (24 kits)

1 case pack = either 4 standard, 4 mini kits, or 2 big kits) + $10 flat rate shipping

How to order:

1. Add this product to your cart!

2. On your cart page add a note to your order and include your SIX kit choices numbered from most wanted to least wanted.

3. Choose free shipping at checkout ($10 flat rate shipping is included in the price).

4. Please ship to your home address if possible so that your package isn't returned by UPS and include your store name in your shipping address even if it's shipping to your home.

How it works:

- You choose your top 6-8 kit designs in order from most to least wanted. I will try to send your top choices. But if I don't have the correct inventory, I will sub in your other choices. I won't send you kits you haven't listed.

- Bundle costs $162 (16 kits at $9.50 each + $10 flat rate shipping)

- Any price discrepancies due to different-sized kits will be refunded when I pack your order. If shipping costs less than $10 I will also refund you after ordering.

- Please limit one purchase per store (for now!) I am working to expand my offerings and will keep you updated.

My inventory is fluctuating! While we are trying to restock kits as quickly as possible, we have maybe 75% off available kits made at one time. 

These kits are currently unavailable:

  • Desert Cacti
  • Feminist AF
  • Good Vibes Only
  • Happy Camper
  • La Croix

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for being flexible and adaptable during this time! I am so grateful to have amazing independent shops like YOURS choosing to spend your money with me. I hope, in turn, your amazing customers choose to spend their money with you. 

    Dropbox link to product photos for you webshop!