Cross Stitch Patterns for Anti-Racist Stitchers

To My Fellow Cross Stitchers, 
Let’s become anti-racist stitchers. I want us to stitch for Black lives with the same enthusiasm we had when we stitched for feminism in 2016. Black lives matter. They matter in every aspect of our everyday existence—even in the patterns we use and the stitches we make! Let’s keep our craftivism going for the long haul. Let’s display our art, gift it, and share it. Let’s use our stitches to build community, spark conversation, and live in discomfort.
While I am new to anti-racist work, I am here now and I am motivated. If you are also new to this movement, here are some resources I’ve found helpful. Cross stitch cannot be our only form of activism. Let’s stay engaged, show up, do our work, count our stitches, and address our privilege.
Black stitchers, I want your voices to be included. If you have an idea for a cross stitch pattern you'd like to see here, email me and I'll (try my best to) turn your design into a cross stitch pattern.

Click on the pattern to for the downloadable pdf.

don't call the cops cross stitch
i yield my time fuck you
fuck the police cross stitch pattern
no justice no peace cross stitch pattern